Pak Tai Temple

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Pak Tai Temple

Opening hours: 08:30-17:00  

Free entrance

Address: Largo do Camões,Taipa

Bus routes nearby: 11、15、22、28A、30、33、34

Tourist attraction Sites Nearby: Taipa Houses

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Pak Tai Temple is located in Taipai and is a Taoist temple. It was built in 1843. The temple is worship to "Pak Tai", which means "Northern Emperor", the god who rules the world of the water. Most of the residents of Taipa are fishermen. For the sake of protection, the temple is built to pray for safe work at sea.


Today, Pak Tai Temple still maintains its tradition. Every year on lunar calendar March 3, a few nights of celebrate Feast of Pak Tai, performances of Chinese opera are usually held in a mat-shed at Largo Camoes, in front of the Temple.

Pak Tai Temple a hundred years ago

Pak Tai Temple a hundred years ago

Pak Tai Temple 2018

Macao Tourist attraction, Pak Tai Temple 2018

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