Lilau Square

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Lilau Square

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Lilau Square

Just look at the picture above, I must think that Lilau Square is just a small resting area, actually it has an old story. It is said that when the Portuguese arrived in Macau by sea, they are not adapt to the weather. When they walked to the well at here, they drink water from the well and recovered strength.


Lilau Square Chinese means a old woman's well. It is said that during the Ming Dynasty, a woman built a well in this pool to open water for drinking in the neighborhood of relatives and friends. After hundreds of years, the pool that I saw in front of the Lilau Square was not the original well. The wellhead location should have been covered by nearby buildings, but the centuries-old banyan trees still stand here.

Now head to Lilau Square, take the bus to choose Lilau Square Station or Rua da Penha Bus Station.

Lilau Square Bus Stop


Lilau Square and Mandarin's House Map

Lilau Square and Mandarin's House Map

Lilau Square, European style residential

European style residential

Next to the Lilau Square, there is an old alley. Do you know if the lost Lilau Well is hidden here? Just take a drink, well, go in and find the secret, GO!



 it seems that there are people living here


It’s empty room.


a lot of sundries


Some of the concierges are locked. To respect the original inhabitants, I didn't take the camera to the inside of the house.


Walking and walking to a vacant house


Unfortunately, in the end, I can't find the legendary "well".

At the end of the trip, I didn’t find a well to drink a cold water, but when I arrived at the front of the Yapo well, of course I had to go to the important world sites nearby: Mandarin's House and look for the only sales point of "flashfly" in Mandarin's House.

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Near Lilau Square, there is a scenic spot that has disappeared. The outer wall is only half-removed, leaving the word "衣隱修女". In fact, it used to be a monastery. I don't have any details. Even if I can't find it on the Internet, it may be the reason for the property. It has been completely dismantled, which is a pity.


In the past, this was a deserted institution, like the Chinese courtyard house. There is a garden in the center and the building is like a school. When I was a child, I used to go in. No artifacts, antiques or paintings were seen in the courtyard, only the broken and worn wooden furniture. One of the spaces was to climb the iron ladder to reach, and there was a wall clock hook in the narrow space, but no bell was found. Through the vents, it feels like monitoring the entire monastery, I believe it is the design of the 19th century.


If you pass by here, you can come and see it, because in the future, even half of the wall will be removed.


衣隱修女Half outer wall

Macau_The Monastery before the demolition

Monastery before the demolition


Location Map

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