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2018 Macao International Fireworks Display Contest

2018 Macao International Fireworks Display Contest

The annual Macao International Fireworks Display Contest usually takes place on several Saturdays every September, on Mid-Autumn Festival and on China’s National Day on 1st October. 


Magical Colours in Harmony



21:00 Philippines Platinum Fireworks, Inc.

21:40 Korea Faseecom

A Mystified Fireworks Dream



21:00 Japan Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks Co., Ltd. (1993 5th and 2016 28th Winner)

21:40 Belgium HC Pyrotechnics

Shining Voices of Heaven (rescheduled)



21:00 France Alpha Pyrotechnie

21:40 Portugal Grupo Luso Pirotecnia

A Sparkling Mid-Autumn Night (rescheduled)



21:00Germany Potsdamer Feuerwerk GmbH

21:40Austria FIREevent - Die Feuerwerker

National Day Fireworks Celebration



21:00 Italy PANZERA S.A.S. (1994,6th and 1995,7th Winner)

21:40 China Liuyang New Year Fireworks Trading Co., Ltd

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