Macau Typhoon: Barijat and Mangkhut

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Typhoon: Barijat

Typhoon: Barijat, Affecting the weather in Macau from September 12 to 13  -Photo : TVB News

Macau is located in the Pearl River Estuary area and is easily affected by the typhoon. Two typhoons came one after another in a short period of time. The first typhoon was called “Barijat”, followed by “Mangkhut”. “Mangkhut” is a super typhoon with a storm circle of more than 500 kilometers and a central wind of more than 200 kilometers. The intensity has exceeded the 118 kilometers of the No. 10 typhoon in Macau.

Real time Typhoon and storm path map -by

Typhoon Mangkhut: Affecting the weather in Macau from September 15 to 17

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