Mangkhut -201809

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On September 16, 2018, the typhoon "Mangkhut" moved towards Macao, making Macau once again challenged by the hurricane after the typhoon in 2017.


Mangkhut -Macao

Mangkhut - 20180916-11:00 (Macao)

After the last experience of the Macao government and the public, it was apparent that strict precautions were taken from pre-treatment to post-event response. Even during the typhoon, they suffered severe flooding, but they did not cause major damage and casualties.


Reflected in:

1. Power supply and water supply status: Even if there are power outages and water cuts in some areas, they are only temporary.

2. The role of the Civil Protection Operation Center: Integrate the capabilities of various government departments to make rapid response, improve the equipment of rescue personnel, and establish a safe haven center, so as to accurately predict the disaster situation during the typhoon and make early notice and safe evacuation. Respond; can also provide assistance quickly after receiving public help messages.

3. Processing speed after the event: Preparations have been started during the typhoon. Immediately after the wind has weakened, the police officers and the personnel of the Civil Affairs Department immediately cleaned up the garbage and opened the main roads affected.


The storm has passed and the market response rate is quite high. It is good news for local residents and tourists.

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