A Mystified Fireworks Dream - Japan vs Belgium

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2018 Macao International Fireworks Display Contest second night performance, from Japan vs Belgium, Japan is the last champion, Belgium is the first time to Macau. The scene attracted many Macao citizens and tourists to go to the coast of Macau to watch the fireworks. At the same time, the sky is bright tonight, with a breeze, and the fireworks and the night are presented to you.

2018 Macao International Fireworks Display Contest

The fireworks and the signal lights of the Macau Tower seem so interesting

A Mystified Fireworks Dream

Attracting Macao residents and tourists to watch fireworks on the bridge

Belgium, which participated for the first time, did spend a lot of thoughts. One of the scenes was flashing fireworks. It look like a limited edition flashfly pictures. The picture below shows the flashing situation. First, a bright fireworks appeared in the night sky, and the flashing light flashed in a flash.

Belgian Fireworks - Macau

First, bright fireworks appear in the night sky.


Then, instantly light up the night sky

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